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Problems needing attention in the use of PVC granulator

ClickUpdate:2021-09-01 15:49:47 Author:keb.rfkjok.com

PVC granulator is mainly used for granulation by wet granulation. Under the condition of liquid phase, a certain amount of water and steam in the same country can wet the basic fertilizer in the cylinder, and then fully produce chemical reaction. With the continuous rotation and movement of the whole body, certain extrusion and agglomeration can be generated between the particles of materials to form a ball, so as to form granular shapes one by one, However, some problems should be paid attention to when using PVC granulator, such as
1. When some raw materials are used for processing, no metal sundries can be mixed in the raw materials to prevent reaction and affect the formation of the
2. During operation, if the pressure of the machine head is too heavy, it will exceed the set alarm value. At this time, the material pressure alarm signal light will automatically light up. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine
3. The main motor and the oil pump motor are electrically interlocked. When the oil pump motor is not started, the main motor cannot be started first, but when stopping, the oil pump motor can not stop until the belt stops