PVC imitation marble sheet production Line

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Product description

Brief Introduction:
Imitation marble board made of PVC material, has the water-proof, anti-corrosion and light quality effects.
The product has marble pattern, granite pattern, imitation wood grain, rationale pattern, solid color semi permeable heart and other patterns.
It has such characteristics as flame retardant, anti-corrosion, non-slip, resistant to pressure, stable quality, low prices, and simple construction, compared with other flooring materials with better performance, better decorative effect, is suitable for the movable plank house, factories, shopping malls, home, office, and other occasions.
Products characters:
Clear grains, no color difference, wear-resistant surface, hardness up to 3H-6H, B1 level flameproof, no radiation, the lowest outdoor aging up to 15 years, the weight is 1/6 of the natural stone, with small impact on building load, can be a large area of paving, and the price is only 1/10 of the natural stone.
Natural stone is generally wet or dry hanging, has high construction costs, but the imitation marble construction which use structural adhesive or glass adhesive, can be fast and firm.
One construction worker can install thirty to forty square meters every day. Imitation marble material can achieve seamless splicing, you can also choose a 45-degree angle cut, V-groove and so on.


Product parameters
Extruder model Extruder motor power/kw Output (kg/h) Linear speed (m/min.)
SJSZ80/156 55/75 300-400 0.5-1
SJSZ92/188 110/132 600-800 0.8-1.8
Remarks: the information above is only reference.

Industry application

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