LD/HDPE pipe production Line

ClickUpdate:2021-09-01 08:40:36
Product description

The production Line of LDPE/HDPE flow pipe and Gas-fired pipe, which the company manufactured, is unique in construction, higher level of automatization, convenience in operation, steady and reliable if work continuously. The pipes that the line produce, have mild rigidity, hard, better, better softness, and able to bear spallation, crazing.
The production Line is made up of control system, extruder, the head of machine, cooling system, words printer, Haul-off unit, Auto Cutter, and Stack frame. Every line has two extruders, one of them adopts convey bush strongly and efficiency screws.
The die head adopts the newest designed modes of basket or helix double heads, which has features of convenience in regulation, equality in production, etc. The outers adopt unique technique of opening flume, and water cooling, in order to maintain the pipes forming precision.

Product parameters
Model/Item GF63 GF110 GF160 GF250 GF315 G630 GF800 GF1200
Pipe diameter range/mm 16-63 16-110 50-160 50-250 110-315 315-630 400-800 630-1200
Extruder size 65mm 65mm 65mm 75mm 75mm 120mm 120mm 150mm
Driving motor power/kw 37 45/55 75/90 90/110 132/160 160/185 200 246
Capacity/kg/h 80-100 100-150 200-300 250-350 400-500 500-600 600-800 800-1000
Remarks: the specifications above are only for reference.

Industry application