PPR pipe production Line

ClickUpdate:2021-09-01 08:40:36
Product description

The line is mainly used in producing pipe with PP-R resin materials and used in PB PPC PE resin pipe material production line.
PLC control, high degree of automation.           
Adopting special screw, good effect.
Adopting compound spiral engine head, effectively deleting memory function of the material.           Vacuum shaping, constant temperature control, eliminating pipe stress.
Adopting coextrusion head to improve the tube with color line.           
Heavy extrusion volume, low temperature of melt, equal temperature of melt.
Extensive material process range.

Product parameters
Item/model GF63 GF110 GF160
Pipe diameter range/mm 16-63 16-110 50-160
Extruder size 65mm 65mm/90mm 65mm/120mm
Extruder output (kg/h) 80-100 150-220 200-250
Line length/meters 32 35 35
Remarks: the specifications above are only for reference.

Industry application