Single/Double Wall Corrugated pipe production Line

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Product description

Application of Single-wall corrugated pipe production Line
The line shall be used to produce small diameter single wall corrugated pipe in PVC, PP and PE raw material;
Molding corrugation pipe with smooth inside and outside surface, and even ripple at one time by corresponding die;
Used as wire and cable passing pipe, washing machine drain pipe, dust collector pipe and ventiduct.
Characteristics and Features of Double-wall corrugated pipe production Line
      This production line is composed of two high-efficiency single-screw extruder、imported ratio-adjusting valve、double-passage spiral composite extrusion molds、vertical forming machine、spray cooling tank、double-blade radial cutter and stacker.

      Features: stable extrusion, excellent plastination the mold surface is nitrogenized and polished, and with double-wall thickness regulating device. The forming machine and extruding mold work together to achieve the vacuum forming technology and extruded pipe online belling. The whole production line adopts PLC micro-computer control system, can display the pictures such as the melting temperature, pressure, forming speed, alarming, etc. directly, and has memory function.

Product parameters
Single-wall corrugated pipe production Line
Item Extruder Model Pipe range/mm Output (kg/h) Motor power/kw
SGW-32 SJ45 9-32 15-20 7.5/11/15
SGW-63 SJ50 16-50 20-30 11/15/18.5/22
SGW-110 SJ65 50-110 60-100 30/37
Double-wall corrugated pipe production Line
Model Type Raw material Pipe range/mm Linear speed (m/min.)
DBW-250 Horizontal HDPE 110-250 0.5-5.0
DBW-400 Horizontal HDPE 200-400 0.5-3.5
DBW-600 Vertical HDPE 250-600 0.5-3.0
DBW-800 Vertical HDPE 500-800 0.5-3.0
Remarks: the specifications above are only for reference.

Industry application