Spiral hose production Line

ClickUpdate:2021-09-01 08:40:36
Product description

General introduction:
The extrusion line is used to produce PVC wire reinforced transparent hose. The hose wall is made of transparent PVC plastic. In the hose inner-wall, there are spiral wire.
The kind of hose has the advantage of extrusion resistance, corrosion resistance, static electricity resistance, anti-high pressure, and good running.
It is suitable for the conveying high pressure or combustible gas and liquid, heavy suction, and delivery of liquid sludge. It is mainly used in the fields machinery, such as chemical industry, building, irrigation, and vacuum pumps, etc.
1. The special design of high speed, high efficiency extruder, to ensure the quality and output of the material.
2. Special design of the wire wind spring machine, uniform spring, continuous production time is long.
3. The special design of the pipe head, the production of high transparency, wire distribution uniformity, the length can be arbitrarily set.
4. The main unit of the main electrical components are imported products, stable and reliable operation.
5. The unit of all keys using integrated design, operation is simple and quick.


Product parameters
Extruder model Pipe range/mm Installed power/kw Output of extruder (kg/h)
SJ45 12-20 30 30-35
SJ65 20-50 40 50-60
SJ90 50-75 50 80-100
Remarks: the specifications above are only for reference.

Industry application