Foam PS frame profile production Line

ClickUpdate:2021-09-01 09:02:56
Product description

Mainly composed by single-screw extruder and supporting the main co-extrusion machine, cooling water tank, heat transfer units, haul-off, cutter, over the composition Rack, the production line is equipped with AC inverter control, imported RKC temperature control instrumentation etc. components. With good plasticization, high output, the use of reliable, is a newly developed auxiliary machinery in plastic machinery industry.
Heat transfer machine is designed to improve, it is mainly the way the use of hot embossing, The ribbon on the imprint in the paint on the frame profiles, it looks beautiful, the performance of reliable, easy to use, precision stamping, and strong adsorption. Hand wheel and adjust a variety of different shapes can imprint the profile.

Product parameters
Model PS65 PS90 PS100 PS120
Linear speed 2-6m/min. 1-5m/min. 1-4m/min. 1-3m/min.
Installed power 50kw 90kw 100kw 130kw
Line dimension 26x1x2 (m) 32x1x2 (m) 33x1x2 (m) 34x1x2 (m)
Remarks: the information above is only reference.

Industry application